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We help entrepreneurs choose the right no-code tool according to the need, the growth of the business and the budget.
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Benjamin & Samuel ATHLAN

The story behind Slituo

We love helping motivated entrepreneurs and managers to do better and who are looking to improve their working conditions. The aim: to find the next step together!

A passionate team

Founded by Benjamin, Slituo is the culmination of 27 years of experience in development, product management and entrepreneurship. The no-code was Benjamin's constant research, until this movement had an identifiable name.

Formation ESSEC, une équipe passionnée
Les écoles dans lesquels nous intervenons

Pssssst, we also do training 👈

We work in schools, incubators and training organizations. The aim is to help students and project leaders to achieve their goals by taking into account the right tool for their needs.

Our process

Because sometimes, we have our heads in, we don't always find the right solution, we always start with a  free exploration f you.



Our discovery phase is Always free. We let's look at the problems that can easily be solved thanks to our knowledge of the tools or through a process.



We test and manipulate tools, POC (proof of concept), benchmarks and negotiations on tool prices, tool pre-selection meetings.



Our take-off process includes preparation, project management/product management, tool integration and training. We are committed to providing a optimal grip.


Cruising Speed

Notre processus de Cruising Speed permet une amélioration continue. Nous offrons une assistance technique complète et une assistance premium. Nous garantissons des échanges réguliers afin de garantir une fonctionnalité optimale.

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What our customers say about us

We help our customers to take a step forward with peace of mind.

By collaborating with Benjamin on our project to improve performance and productivity to structure the company, I discovered a person who is both very competent (advice, data collection, data management, construction of no code tools with Airtable and bubble) and deeply attentive and caring...

Isabelle C.
CEO at Aeroaffaires

Very good approach by Slituo to redesign the French Tech Grand Paris website - they accompanied us in all the details and their feedback was invaluable in building the best possible site. We loved working with them!

John Djaffar
COO at La French Tech Grand Paris

Thanks to Samuel and Benjamin for their support, professionalism and efficiency. Since the beginning of our company, we have been followed by Slituo, which has allowed us to scale up and overcome operational obstacles brilliantly using tools, whether from the market or custom-implemented. Human support is at the heart of their offer with unparalleled proximity. The technical skills of experts make it possible to find a solution to each situation. Thanks to them for their commitment!

Nathaniel B.
CTO at Medadom

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